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Dimensions 64 mm × 55 mm × 62 mm (W.D.H)
Weight Approx. 550 g
Coarse adjustment ◎Travels
 15 mm (XY), 10 mm (Z)
 10 nm (closed-loop operation)
 >500 nm (open-loop operation)
Fine adjustment ◎Travels
 1 μm (XYZ)
 < 1 nm
Configuration NMS(one unit or more ),
Control box(one se), Control PC
Characteristic Owing to the closed loop control using a linear encoder in each axis of motion, coarse positioning with a resolution better than
10 nm is possible in the full range of travel for every axis.
Configuration NMS(one unit), Control box(one set)
Characteristic A simple and low-cost configuration without linear encoders. XYZ axes of motion can be controlled by single control box. Nanospace operation becomes possible at relatively low cost.
SPPA possesses
Our original actuator, SPPA (Super Precision Piezo Actuator), seamlessly combines coarse and fine positioning using a single piezoelectric transducer.
System configurations
System configurations


・Characterization of electric properties
・Removing surface contaminants


・It offers various applications by
 installing multiple units into the SEM
・It is applicable to a number of fine
 manipulation under atmospheric
 conditions in combination
 with an optical microscope