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" Be always a challenger. "

Sanyu co., Ltd was established in 1949, on HITACHIOHTA, IBARAKI prefecture JAPAN.

Now, we have 3 factories: the main factory in HITACHIOHTA, the branch factory in KUJI industry area,and the technology center newly-built in July 2014. These factories have every uniqueness to response the various requests of customers.

The main technology is based on the precise machining process from the establishment of the main factory.

At first, we have manufactured the special instruments for industrial measuring equipments.
Now, we are able to respond the short-term request of customers, by the integrated production system with designing, machining process, assemble and adjustment.

The nearly half of the production is medical analytical equipments, and we are making developments for the next generation products. The technology center has TEM(transparent electron microscope), SEM(scanning electron microscope), Laser microscope, in order to evaluate the nano scale process for the development products. And the class-1000 clean room is installed as 200 square meter (2222 square feet)
within the technical center to produce the ultra precise equipments.

We believe the following future: that the speed of technology revolution gets faster from nowadays and ever,and that the requests of customers needs much more high-level solution and gets more multiple.

We will contribute the science developments and the future creation as being always a challenger, while we catch the trend precisely and run ahead of customers' needs.

Corporate Philosophy
Uniqueness and Unity
Corporate Direction
Sunyou has the target to become a manufacture with the reliance feeling of customers the fullness feeling of the workers and the feeling of being around the region.
And the our target is to enhance the employees' talents with uniqueness.
Corporate constitution
  • ・We work the best with full-ability.
  • ・We make every effort as the best industrialist.
  • ・We produce the newest and the best equipments.
  • ・We never forget the service mind.
  • ・We have the minds with the friendship and the co-operation.